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Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Jeff's career started in scholastic wrestling.
As an amateur wrestling standout, he was a two Time SC State Wrestling Champion compiling a high school record of 138-15! Incredibly, Jeff still holds records at his former high school where three of his records still stand to this day!

Checkout Jeff's amazing stats!

● Most wins in a season:
● Most wins in a career:
● Most pins in a career 107!

After graduating high school, Jeff attended Anderson University and became an NCAA Division II Wrestling Qualifier for the Trojans.

It was his sophomore year of high school, when Professional Wrestling caught Jeff's attention.

There was something magical about Professional Wrestling that captured his imagination.

This was the beginning of his quest to fulfill his dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler. 

After his stint in college, Jeff seized an opportunity to attend a Pro Wrestling  training program where he learned many basic skills to help get him started on his journey of success. 

This was a "Life Changing Experience" that Jeff says he'll NEVER forget!

He worked hard, and made a commitment to pursue his dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler!

Ironically, Jeff was introduced to one of
Austin Idol's good friends, Kevin Sullivan.

Kevin was was willing to help Jeff in various ways. 

We all have to learn from someone, and the key is, learning from those who have a "Proven" track record of success in the industry like Austin Idol, Kevin Sullivan, and Jeff Lewis Neal.

Jeff has wrestled for major league wrestling companies ie; WWE, TNA, ROH, and NWA, prior to Billy Corgan acquiring the NWA brand.

He's been fortunate to hold numerous titles and championships that were instrumental in him being featured when wrestling in several different countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Italy, China, etc....

Without question, Jeff's  passions are his family and professional Wrestling.

If you're dreaming about having a career in Professional Wrestling, then you're in the right place at the right time. 

The Professional Wrestling industry is more popular then it's ever been and because of this, there's a "Serious" Talent Shortage not to mention, the Amazing opportunity to become "Financially Independent!"

If you're ready to reach for the stars and make your dream become a reality, then
"Sign Up", and start making your own history now!

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Jeff Lewis Neal


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