Professional Wrestling Legend Austin Idol's,
"Universal Wrestling College!"

MMA Sensation Dada 5000 Joins Austin Idol’s Universal Wrestling College
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Dada 5000
Austin 5000

Wednesday February 19, 2020 Greenville, SC - MMA fighter and promoter, Dada 5000, has signed an agreement with Austin Idol to train for professional wrestling at the Universal Wrestling College in Greenville, SC, which he currently owns and operates. Dada 5000 had previously beaten Tim Papp and Cedric James in MMA matches. He fought in Bellator 149 against Kimbo Slice resulting in a no contest due to Slice’s use of steroids. Bellator 149 was the most viewed fight at 3.2 million viewers in Bellator history, a record that still stands today.

Idol was a major star in wrestling in the 1970s and the 1980s that included one of the most iconic feuds in wrestling history with Jerry “The King” Lawler’s only loss in a hair match that resulted in a riot. There are talks of cross branding that includes Austin Idol and Dada 5000 promoting BYB Promotions Brawl. It also includes Dada 5000 wearing gear promoting Austin Idol’s wrestling school during the MMA and wrestling matches.

   * Dada 5000 Is Represented By UTB Talent Management
   * Austin Idol Is Represented UTB Talent Management